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Don't you have time to prepare for GATE 2020?

Don't you know the solution for some tough questions for GATE2020 ?

Spare only few minutes to learn good tips and short cuts from the qualified experts and get guidance and assistance from Alumni of premier instiutes and subject experts in on-line

ALumniof IITs and IISc Interactions

You can send your questions of any subject or queries to Email:: WhatsApp us: +91 81 51 83 83 83 DRONAIES will provide detailed solutions to those questions. You need to initiative the chain of programs that will take you the brink of success in GATE2020. And you need to innovate, to ensure that together you achieve not only success. Learn many smart tips and tricks in on-line from click to score more in GATE2020



  • The Programme is open for all aspirants of GATE 2020
  • Engineering streams: All
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